Host an unlimited number of socially networked web sites



All the web sites for a particular locale hosted in one place. Residents not only connect with each other, but also with their town departments, schools, library, businesses, sports leagues, clubs, neighborhood and much more.


Configure as a single site for small businesses or multi-site for larger companies with many public sites. Consolidate and save on domain registration and hosting fees. Connect with customers through message boards and chat rooms on your official web site(s). Increase revenues with deal blasts and online shopping.


Completely manage a school, camp or recreation department online including registration, enrollment and attendance. Teachers can create web sites for their classes and post pictures and messages as well as homework assignments. Events can be tracked and tickets for school shows may be purchased through the web site.


Host and manage web sites for a sports league or club including online game management in addition to all the social networking features. Referees enter scores real-time through their smart phones and teams and even players can have their own web sites.


Connect with patrons through your web site. Visitors on the premises can check in through the web site and potential customers may communicate with them remotely to get a sense of the local happenings.


Create your own social network for something you love! Once members register they can participate in message boards, chat sessions and much more.


Quick Set-Up

Installs in minutes on a variety of web hosting platforms.

Single Sign-On

Register once, sign in and then simply join-in sites to enjoy member privileges.

Easy Site Creation

Click a button to create a new web site. No administration panels - all settings are made through your web site.

Simple Page Creation

Build the pages of your site by installing web apps. Each app is responsible for particular content, like eCommerce.


Evergrowing app lot, including social networking apps and apps to help manage small businesses and organizations.

Simple Roles

Site owner designates app managers to manage particular content of the web site, with full edit authority over those pages.


Click into your pages to author content. Your edit authority is based on the page and your role; visitor, registrant, member or manager.

Themes Library

Set a design theme or totally customize your site. Responsive web designs have your sites looking good on any device.


Potential Revenue

The Site Lot business model is also very simple.

Host your own website network and make money through ads imposed on free sites and monthly subscription fees collected for premium sites.

Premium sites include premium apps which will allow the client to run part or all of their business or organization online including eCommerce and other apps for specific functions. This is in addition to staying connected with the customers that have joined their web site.

With a premium site subscription, the client may also fully customize their web site design.


Set Up$95Set up and configuration of server and Site Lot CMS software and database. Includes SSL certificate.
Monthly License Fee$195Windows Server 2012 | 3GB Memory | 40GB SSD | 10TB monthly bandwidth

We can also price other configurations for you, including cloud computing via AWS or Google

Getting Started

We are still under construction, thank you for your patience.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.